Renewable Energy Sources cannot Compete with Petroleum

Prof. Elio Santacesaria (Professor of Industrial Chemistry; CEO of Eurochem Engineering Co.) shared his experiences and versions on developing renewable energy technologies. (Trends in Renewable Energy, vol. 1, pp. 57-58. doi:10.17737/tre.2015.1.2.0010)

“In 1973, after the Kippur war, a considerable increase of the petroleum price occurred, … It was the first time that petroleum price was imposed not by the market but as a consequence of a political unilateral decision.” said Professor. Responding to this policy change, many countries promoted the use of coal as a possible alternative for the abundance of this raw material. However, due to the sustainability, the coal cannot be considered as a possible substitute of petroleum.

Although the sustainability gradually became the cultural driving force for the development of renewable energies, “Renewable Energy Sources cannot compete with petroleum for both the volume of production and price of the energy but remain the only feasible alternative if inserted in a revolutionary change of the way of life in which the man look for an equilibrium with the nature without renouncing to the wellness but certainly changing the previous habits…” said Professor.
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