Why Us

First of all, we are not clerks who send out junk emails from a small office at nowhere. We are the same scholars as you are. We conduct researches, teach, write papers and proposals, mentor students, review manuscripts for multiple journals and government agencies.

We show respect for authors, and spend time to understand your research and expertise. In addition, the first two volumes of the journals are free of any charge to authors. The length of this charge waive period may be extended, if the editorial board thought it’s necessary. Article Processing Charge (APC) may be waived, if the author cannot afford it and the paper shows high quality.

We mind scientific values, since we are neither businessmen nor a Predatory Publisher. Our goal is to make a good journal, impact the scientific community, and keep a healthy scholarly environment.

We show respect for our editors, editorial board members, and reviewers. We will waive APC for manuscripts submitted by our editorial team, and provide 50% discount to reviewers.

Our journals are run exclusively by scientists. It provides a fair platform among scholars, sharing our knowledge.