Writing Manuscript

Students benefits
•Your own publication, benefit your career
•Use your manuscripts to compose the thesis to get the degree

Faculty benefits
•Progress report to the funding agency
•Need to graduate you
•Disseminate research results, and leave publication records

Why I do/can not write a manuscript – when you are still in our program?
“I don’t know how to write a paper. What is the review  article? No idea……”
•Nothing is easy.
•Do your literature review! Find out the difference between a review  article and a research article.
•Copy the format from the literature, NOT the content.
“No time………………”
•If you have one week, can you compose an abstract of 200 words?
•If you have another 3 days, can you compose a one-page paper?
•If you have one more week, can you compose a 3-4 pages paper?
•If you have two months, can you finish your thesis, and get the degree?
•Yes, No time is often a excuse.
What? if I do not write a manuscript during study and after graduation…
•First of all, we encourage you to write!!!
•You already got the degree. You are so busy in your own life.
•Always you will feel that your experimental results are so significant, and will be the major contribution to the scientific field, specially after graduation.
•But you still do/can NOT write a manuscript.
•Then look at the Authorship section.