How to write a technical note

Source: Ng K H and Peh W C, Writing a technical note. Singapore Med J. 2010; 51(2):101-3.

“A technical note (or technical innovations,technical developments) is a short article giving a brief description of a specific development, technique or procedure, or it may describe a modification of an existing technique, procedure or device…”

  • Not all journals publish this category of article.
  • A technical note should be concise and clear.
  • It has the same structure as the research article: introduction, material and method, results and discussion, conclusions.
  • The main criteria for publication are the novelty of concepts involved, the validity of the technique and its potential for advanced applications.

“The discussion section in a technical note is more limited than that in an original research article. It serves to explain the function and performance of the technique. It should be short and confined to the specific message. In this section, any limitations or shortcomings of the innovation or technique should be stated. The value and contribution of the technique … should also be highlighted.”