Scientists are our Partners

Before you propose a journal, make sure that you know options. 1) Big open-access companies, such as BioMed Central, Hindawi, and Wiley: You may receive high salary or not. Those big companies already have hundreds or thousands of journals; the chance that they don’t have a similar journal as yours is very slim. 2) Predatory publishers: just pick one among 740 predatory publishers from Beall’s list ( As a volunteer editor-in-chief, you work hard to earn money for them. In return, they still want you to pay $$$$ for APC, if you publish something on your own journal. 3) Open-journal systems hosts, such as Scholarly Exchange, and PKP Publishing Services. They are web-hosting service providers, will give you first year free, and then charge $750-2,700 USD/year.

At FESP, we offer scientists a partnership. We prepare all paper work for you journal, and have it registered with the Library of Congress, Unite States. We provide necessary tools to start your journal, including a journal manager account, email accounts (, technical support, and consultation; and provide DOI numbers and private LOCKSS service. We listen to scientists and tailor our services. You run the journal and control everything. Before your journal starts to earn income, we will assume all risks. Once the journal starts to generate revenue, you as the editor-in-chief will be in charge of 68% of revenue*. You may use it to reward the editors, organize conference, expand the editorial team, and support your institute or organization.

*The revenue is equal to income minus operation costs. Income may come from subscription to the printed version of your journal, APC collected, advisements, etc. Operation costs include web-hosting, editing cost, printing cost, publishers’ and open-access journals’ association fee, etc. FESP reserves the overhead percentage of revenue to further develop own business. A minimum 5-year contract is required.