The use of the microgrids in communities to stimulate local economies

Drs. Lazaropoulos have investigated the possibility of using means of the prism of the green economy to help communities commercialize their natural resources, such as wind speed and solar radiation. In order to realize this, community’s microgrids including Energy Storage Systems,  distributed generation sources, and Renewable Energy Sources might play an important role.   (Trends in Renewable Energy, vol. 1, pp. 131-184. doi: 10.17737/tre.2015.1.3.0014)

This article provides a synoptic cost-benefit analysis of the community’s MG case. Attention is given on the energy arbitrage. The analytical framework concerning the operation of the Hybrid Techno-Economic model was carefully examined. Further, extended numerical results and discussion identify and assess the power and financial performance of community’s microgrids and their mitigating role against the crisis consequences.

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