Call for Book Chapters on “Hydroprocessing Catalysts and Processes”

Dr. Duncan Seddon and I are currently editing a book entitled “Hydroprocessing catalysts and processes: The challenges for bio-fuels production”, which will be published in the Catalytic Science series by World Scientific Publishing. This book is to introduce the recent progress in the mechanism of hydroprocessing reactions, application of different metals in hydroprocessing, the effect of catalyst supports, advances in preparation technologies, applications in refining new feedstock, commercial processes, hydrogen production, and environmental and safety issues. Published book will have DOIs assigned to each chapter, and being indexed in Google Scholar, Books Citation Index, and other relevant databases.

More about the publisher: World Scientific Publishing is one of the world’s largest scientific publishers with more than 30 years’ experience. Their team has offices in New Jersey, London, Munich, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Singapore. World Scientific is the exclusive partner of the Nobel Foundation, publishing the complete set of Nobel Lectures in all subjects since 1901. Their authors include Nobel Laureates, Field Medalists, and national academicians.

Some potential contributors have been contacted during last two months. However, we still need authors to cover following proposed topics, including:

  • Noble metal based hydroprocessing catalysts
  • Effects of Catalyst Support on Hydroprocessing
  • Commercial hydroprocessing processes
  • Trends in Hydroprocessing Spent Catalysts Utilization

In addition, we welcome that experts select your own topics for the chapter. The chapter has following suggested delivery dates:

Chapter Plan Due: 30/11/2016; First Draft due: 01/31/2017; Final Draft due: 03/31/2017

The publisher is flexible about both delivery date and content. They will offer a complimentary copy of the book as remuneration, and provide the pdf version of the book. If you can participate in writing, please email me at ( or

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